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 Your personal mama portrait


A lush print of you and your little loves, in earthy pastel colours, surrounded by your favourite flowers & pretty plants.


Printed on beautiful paper, to star on the walls of your palace, if you wish. The digital file will also be yours, to share with your friends & family and dear online community.

how itworks

How it works?

1. Sent me some

sweet footage.

The portraits are created based on the pictures you provide me. So once you've ordered, you'll have the possibility to upload some footage of all the pretty faces that will be on the portrait. 

2. Tell me about your favourite plants & flowers!

Your wild wavy Monstera or  the  philodendron that has been starring in your house for years, can all be included in your portrait. And which flowers bright your day? I will surround you and your little loves with all your favourite greens.


3. Which colors bring you joy?

Ocher yellow, pastel pink, terracotta brown, lavender lilac, I love working with pastel earthy tones. But as this is going to star in your home sweet home, I will blend in your favourite colors, so the portrait will make the greatest combination with your beloved interior.

4. What size would you like the print?  

Is this mama portrait gonna star bigsize in your livingroom or in a humble corner in the hallway? Up to you dear mama. Your portrait can be printed in any possible size from A5 till A0.

Once I've got all your sweet input, I 'll start the creation of somethings amazing for you.

In two weeks, I will present you the first draft.

Would you love a personal mama portrait?

Leave me your contact and I'll get back asap to create something amazing for you, love.


Thanks mama, you'll hear from me soon!




mama with baby in belly

mama with 1 child      

every extra person 

extra pet / animal


A4 print

A3 print

A2 print

A1 print

A0 print


Vintage frame from

Colourful pass partout


84 euro

92 euro 

34 euro

34 euro

22,50 euro

24     euro

45 euro 

A1 print

A0 print


12 euro

3 euro


Rens Kroes

This personal & special portrait of my daughter and me is worth gold. Her artwork brings me joy each day.

Tessa Dorlijn

Agatha made me a wonderful illustration of me and my boys. She gave me the opportunity to think along.  The portrait is now proudly flaunting in our living room.
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