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About Us


From my urban jungle in Utrecht, The Netherlands, I portray glorious mamas and create illustrations to empower myself (and hopefully many others) in my adventure of single motherhood. 


Yup, besides my precious time illustrating, I spent my time reading pirate picture books, pushing the swing and baking banana pancakes with my two little loves Nur and Maimun. 


Whilst carrying the youngest boy in my belly, Mooon Moms was my personal project to visualize a sweet motherhood experience. Even though it was going to be a solo adventure, as my love-relationship just stranded. Illustrating brave beautiful mamas, inspired me to write my own awesome motherhood story and break with the sad sterotypes of single moms.


By now I have had the honour to portray many amazing mamas with their little (and big) loves. And amazing women without bebes, from all around the globe.

My recent adventures in Morocco are a huge inspiration. This place holds a very special spot in my soul, as it holds the roots of my two beautiful boys.

I am feeling blissfully blessed to run this creative business. So much gratitude for all the amazing beings I got to create for.

May my illustrations nourish your soul and bring lotsa joy, sweet sista!

Amazing places to find my postcards


Lots of plants, cozy interior, lovely crowd, organic food, great great coffee, and other amazing products. I am so honoured with all the incredible collabs with the prettiest places on the planet where my postcards & prints found a place. 

Wonderwoud, Utrecht

Keek, Utrecht

Little World Kitchen, Utrecht

Sarah Elisa Store, Utrecht

De Moestuin, Utrecht

Kleine Max, Utrecht

Steck, Utrecht

C'est Marcel, Almelo

Myrah Penaloza, Bali (Indonesia)

Sisterhood, Essaouira (Morocco)

Mandala Society, Essaouira (Morocco)

Locals, Utrecht

IloveYoga webshop

Do you have another beautiful place for my postcards?


I love creating for other inspiring businesses

To create flourishing footage, contributing to the success of other amaing entrepreneurs is an absolute honour.

For mamas and families,
I love creating very special portraits
with their beloveds.


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